Faster Suite

The premier solution for modern law firms

Faster Suite combines all of our main features into one seamless package.  Firms that use Faster Suite are faster, more efficient, and typically capture 20-30% more billable time each day.

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Faster Suite contains all of the features below:

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Faster Time

Faster Time automatically watches your mouse, your keyboard, and the apps you use.  As you move from one app to another, Faster Time records how long you're spending on each document, email, website, and more.

At the end of the day, you can bill individual actions or you can batch multiple actions together into one time entry.

Faster Drive

Faster Drive turns Clio into a cloud-based file server with advanced document management and automation capabilities. Ditch your server and store unlimited files on the cloud in perfectly organized matters all powered by Clio.

Faster Mail

Faster Mail automatically saves and organizes every email into folders for each client and matter. Every email will be forensically preserved and always right at your finger tips in both Microsoft Outlook and in Clio. 

Faster Snippets

Faster Snippets helps you standardize your favorite words, phrases, paragraphs, and emails.  Create abbreviations that expand into words, phrases, paragraphs and pages all while merging in client and matter information from Clio.  It doesn't matter whether you use in Microsoft Word, Corel Word Perfect, Outlook or Thunderbird, abbreviations work in every application.


Faster Suite includes a whole bunch of extras too:

Mass Document Automation

Whether you need a Christmas card for all of last-year's clients or a packet of documents for every client with a particular judge, Mass Document Automation makes it easy to create lots of documents for lots of people all at once.

Split Billing

Whether for estate planning, mediation, or multi-party suits, Split Billing makes it easy to assign a percentage split to each party you represent. 

Matter Match Migrator

Ready to move your server to Clio?  With the Matter Match Migrator, the files practically move themselves.  Quickly and easily move any number of documents for any number of matters to Clio all at once.  You can easily migrate from a server, Google Drive, One Drive, Box, or any folder.


Don't want to move the docs yourself?

We can do it for you.

Conflict Check

All legal professionals know that doing a thorough conflict check and documenting the results can be a time consuming task that is low-value to the client. Conflict Check lets you search Clio for multiple terms and saves any matches into a beautiful report inside Clio.


Wow!  Faster Suite has a lot of stuff!

And even more features are included below.


That's why Faster Suite is the #1 suite for Clio.

(Oh, and we add new features nearly every single month)

Meeting Transcriber

Meeting Transcriber makes note-taking a thing of the past.  Meeting Transcriber listens to your computer’s microphone and speakers to identify multiple speakers and create a chat-style log showing exactly who said what and when.

With a searchable transcript of every meeting, you can focus on listening to clients instead of writing down notes.