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Faster Mail is unbelievable and the matter prediction is spot on!”

Quinn Ross
President of the Ontario Bar Association

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Super easy to use!

Faster Snippets makes use of the text snippets you already have in Clio so you're ready to start saving time right away!

Any Application, Any Time

Microsoft Office apps?  No problem!  Adobe Acrobat?  Sure thing!  Faster Snippets monitors your keyboard directly so it doesn't matter where you type!

Automatically Populate Information From Clio

Information about your cases is already saved in Clio, so why enter it twice?  Faster Snippets allows you to customize your text snippets with merge fields and variables to automatically pull information from Clio or enter information on the fly!

It's As Easy as 1-2-3!

Creating custom snippets is super easy! Just give your snippet a name and abbreviation, then type in the content.  It's ready to use as soon as you hit save!

Automatic Matter Association

Not only can Faster Snippets pull Clio data, it also uses the same predictive AI as Faster Time to automatically choose the matter related to the snippet you're using!

Form Filling Streamlined

Faster Snippets allows you to register keyboard commands as part of your text snippet, so you can have it automatically tab or enter through forms and spreadsheets to get to the desired field.

Efficiency is Key

Less time spent typing means more time doing real billable work!  Faster Snippets can automatically generate one sentence or ten pages with just a few keystrokes.

Advanced Customization

If you want to get really specific with how your text snippets should behave, Faster Snippets allows you to use C# to code any behavior that you want!