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Faster Snippets

Auto-Text, Merge Fields, and Document Automation in Any App

part of Faster Suite

Intensely powerful, incredibly easy.  Use Clio's text snippets and merge fields to automatically populate standard text with client and matter information in any app.

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Super easy to use!

Faster Snippets makes use of the text snippets you already have in Clio so you're ready to start saving time right away!

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Any Application, Any Time

Microsoft Office apps?  No problem!  Adobe Acrobat?  Sure thing!  Faster Snippets monitors your keyboard directly so it doesn't matter where you type!

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Promote Consistency Within Your Firm

Faster Snippets help ensure that your people use your language every single time.  You can tweak 

and improve your snippets at a firm-wide level so everyone always uses the latest text that meets your standards.

Email Templates, anyone?

Easily build email templates that your entire staff can use.  Plus, the email templates can automatically merge in nearly any information from Clio so you'll never have to look up client information.

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Automatically Populate Information From Clio

Information about your cases is already saved in Clio, so why enter it twice?  Faster Snippets allows you to customize your text snippets with merge fields and variables to automatically pull information from Clio or enter information on the fly!

Automatically populate information from
Form Filling Streamlined

Faster Snippets allows you to register keyboard commands as part of your text snippet, so you can have it automatically tab or enter through forms and spreadsheets to get to the desired field.

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Automatic Matter Association

Not only can Faster Snippets pull Clio data, it also uses the same predictive AI as Faster Time to automatically choose the matter related to the snippet you're using!

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