Faster Suite is the #1 Suite of apps for Clio

Faster Suite

The #1 app suite for Clio.  Used by thousands of attorneys and legal professionals every day.

$1.15 USD/day *

* Only pay for what you use: Price is per human using Faster Suite - billed annually.

Faster Suite includes all of the following and more:

Stop babysitting timers and capture 30% more billable time with passive timekeeping.

Turn Clio into your firm's cloud drive.  Unlimited storage and completely secured by Clio.

Organize your inbox and forensically preserve all legal correspondence.

Use Clio as a file server with unlimited storage and completely secured by Clio.

Faster Suite also includes:

Mass Document Automation

Split Billing

Move My Docs

Conflict Check

Meeting Transcriber

Request Tracker

Faster Scan

Faster Invoicing

Faster PACER

Clio Document Backup

Advanced Data Export

Accounting Export