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Faster Suite helps 8,000+ Clio users

Work Faster
Bill More Time

If you have a license, it will be automatically detected.  If you don't, we'll spin up a 7-day free trial for you instead.

(no credit card required)

What does Faster Suite Do?

Just About Everything.

Faster Suite Promo v4
Play Video
Watch and See

PS - The video just covers some highlights.  There's a whole lot more!

What does Faster Suite Cost?

Not much: $1.55/day

If Faster Suite helps you bill only an extra .1h per day, it more than pays for itself every single day.

But guess what?

Most firms see an immediate 20-30% increase in billed time.

Seriously.  You will work faster and be more profitable.

Download the trial and you'll see.

How's a 50% Discount Sound?

(New Customers Only)

Paul Headshot 2023.png

Hi!  My name's Paul

and I really want you to ❤️ Faster Suite.

👉 Get training & get a discount! 👈

Schedule free training with me before your first purchase

and you'll get a 50% discount for each person who attends.

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