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Faster Time

Predictive Time Tracking with Guaranteed Results

part of Faster Suite

Stop baby sitting timers and capture up to 30% more time.  Faster Time keeps track of what you work on and figures out who you did the work for.

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Make More Money

Faster Time automatically watches your mouse, your keyboard, and the apps you use.  As you move from one app to another, Faster Time records how long you're spending on each document, email, website, and more.

At the end of the day, you can bill individual actions or you can batch multiple actions together into one time entry.

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Works with every app

Faster Time works with every single app (not just Microsoft Office).  Our out-of-the-box defaults will capture all the main apps you use and if you want more detail, you can event pick and choose extra apps too.

Make Money Talking

When you use a supported telephony provider (such as Ring Central) Faster Time even keeps track of who you talk to and for how long.  Whether the call is inbound or outbound, you can capture every second on every single phone call.

* This is a preview feature that has not yet fully released to all customers.

Make Money Talking
Its OK to step away

If you stop typing or moving your mouse for five minutes or longer, Faster Time will automatically pause the regular timers, back track the most recent timer, and start a special "away" timer - that way you can decide whether you were on the clock in the court room or off the clock in the lunch room.

And of course, once you come back to your computer, the regular timers will automatically start back up again.

Signing a Contract
Save & sync to Clio

When you're billing your time with Faster Time, you can bill your activities as-is or you can polish up the narrative as well.  As soon as you click Save, Faster Time will save and sync the activity to Clio.

Save and Sync time to Clio
Automatic matter prediction

If you've used passive timekeeping before, you know how much of a drain it is to have to assign all your activities back to matters.  Faster Time uses advanced algorithms powered by artificial intelligence to automatically predict exactly who you were working for. 

Artificial Intelligence technology conce
Works with your existing technology

Whether you use Faster Drive, One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Clio Launcher, or a plain old file server, you'll immediately be able to leverage Faster Time without replacing your existing technology.


Increase Billable Time by 30%

You are already doing the work, you're just missing out on all those .1's and .2's that you forget about or under estimate.

When firms start using Faster Time they typically see an immediate 20-30% increase in billable time.

Make clients happier

Clients love knowing that you're solving real problems for them.  Faster Time remembers everything you work on so you can clearly communicate exactly how you're helping your clients.

Understand fixed-fee results

The most successful fixed-fee firms know that everything comes down to an hourly rate.  Faster Time captures the exact amount of time you spend on each task so you can know whether you are averaging $50/hr or $500/hr and, whether you are trending up or down.  Faster Time will help you know if one of your practice areas needs a fee increase.

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Coach staff more effectively

A well-performing team is great for clients and great for your firm too.  Faster Time makes it easy to know exactly how long your staff spends on each task.  If someone is struggling with performance, you can coach them early in the process, and if someone is really doing great, you can reward them as well.

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