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Faster Mail

Bill for email & Forensically Preserve Legal Communications to Clio

part of Faster Suite

So easy it's nearly automatic!  Organize your inbox, bill for email, and preserve legal communications using artificial intelligence that learns as you work.

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Preserving is a Piece of Cake!

The first time you preserve an email, just type a few characters to find the right matter. As you file more emails, Faster Mail starts to predict the corresponding matter. After a day, most emails will just be “Save+Close” easy!

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Get Organized Automatically

When you preserve emails, Faster Mail can automatically create a folder in Outlook for the client and matter and move the email there for safe keeping.  If you ever need an old email, you'll always be able to find it faster because you'll know exactly where it is.

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Attachments are right where they should be!

When you open a preserved email, you'll never have to wonder where the attachments went.  Faster Mail keeps the attachments linked with the email so you can quickly view everything together.

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Make More Money

Faster Mail completely integrates with Faster Time so every time you read or write an email,

Faster Time takes note so you can precisely bill your clients for every second you worked.

You can bill individual emails as you send them or you can batch-bill themat the end of the day.

Getting Paid Gets Easy

When you use Faster Mail and Faster Time together, you can automatically save and record any time you spent on the email.  You won't even need to start or stop a timer because Faster Time does that for you.

Learn More about Faster Time

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Fully Integrated with Clio

Not only does Faster Mail perfectly organize your inbox, it also saves a copy of the email to Clio as well.

And it is really smart too: if someone else in your firm has already preserved an email, Faster Mail knows and it won't start making duplicate copies.

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Works with All Mail Servers

Faster Mail works with all mail servers so whether you use your own server, Office 365, G-Suite, or something else, Faster Mail will help make your firm faster, more efficient, and more profitable.

Microsoft Exchange
Google Apps
Save PACER Fees too!

Faster Mail automatically watches your inbox for CM/ECF PACER emails.  When you receive a PACER email, Faster Mail will automatically download and save your "first look" so you'll never have to pay additional fees to PACER.

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