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Faster Mail is unbelievable and the matter prediction is spot on!”

Quinn Ross
President of the Ontario Bar Association

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Manage all your Clio documents straight from Windows Explorer

Faster Drive lets your computer see Clio just as if it was a network file server.  You can work with your files exactly the same way you always have, except now they're protected by Clio's secure cloud.

Works with Microsoft Office and every other app

Because Faster Drive works like a regular hard drive, it works with every app.  Simply save files and open them just like normal.  You'll never have to upload a document again!

Copying files is drag-and-drop easy

If you've got piles of files you'd like to move to Clio, copying files to is a piece of cake.  Just drag and drop them into Faster Drive the same way you'd copy any other files.  In no time at all, you'll be completely on Clio.

Truly unlimited storage, securely backed by Clio

Everything in Faster Drive is stored directly on Clio's cloud, and you know what else is great?  Clio gives all customers truly unlimited document storage.  Don't believe us?  Just give Clio a call and ask.

We've helped clients move thousands of gigabytes off local servers to Clio's cloud and they're still paying the exact same amount to Clio.

Perfectly Organized Folders

Unlike a legacy server, Faster Drive always stays perfectly organized. Easily create folder templates and make sure your team is always putting files in the right places.

Plus, because your Faster Drive is linked to Clio, changes in Clio sync down automatically. Did a matter close or did a client’s name change? Those changes will automatically be reflected in your Faster Drive – no manual renaming required.


Easily Manage Permissions

Faster Drive completely respects all of Clio's security settings.  Need to make sure a conflicted attorney can't access a certain client's files?  No problem!  Simply conflict the attorney out via Clio and they won't even know the files exist.

Backup Every Save

Every time you save a document to your Faster Drive, the original and the new version get backed up to Clio's secure cloud.  You will always have previous versions and the entire edit history available.


Recover Deleted Files

Have you ever accidentally deleted a file and then had to cross your fingers, pray, and then call IT and hope they can recover it?

If you're using Faster Drive, you'll never need to do that again.  Whenever you delete a file, it actually gets "soft-deleted" for 30 days so you can always restore it without involving IT.

Redline & Cross-Compare

Whether you got a revised document from opposing counsel or you want to see the changes a staff member made to a document, Faster Drive has built-in redline and cross-compare that works even if someone forgot to check "track changes".


Increase revenue by up to 30%

When you use Faster Drive and Faster Time together, you'll have precise time records that are easily billable.  Firms that use Faster Time typically capture 20-30% more time compared to firms that use timers or guesstimates.  All those extra .1's really add up fast!

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So many other features we can't list them all!

We add new features to Faster Drive nearly every single month.

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