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Clio users make more money with

Faster Suite

(and they work more efficiently too!)

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Everything you need is included:

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* Cannot be combined with an existing Faster Suite license.

Three Months Free *

You'll get three months off your first license purchase of Faster Suite for every single person in your firm!  You'll love it because your firm will be more efficient and you'll make more money!

Free Unlimited Training

Software isn't any good unless you know how to use it.  We'll walk you and your staff through Faster Suite and Clio so you can understand how to leverage it best for your firm.  Whether you want one training session for your whole firm or certain people need one-on-one sessions, totally free unlimited training is always included.

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Free Unlimited Support

Whether you need help using Faster Suite or Clio, you'll have total access to unlimited phone and email support.  You'll never have to pay a single extra cent for help or training.

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How it works

Get Free Licenses

Just schedule a training session!

A Faster Law representative will contact you to:


Get you and your team trained (for free!) in using Faster Suite


Give you three months free with your initial license purchase for each individual that attends the training

* Offer limited to new firms only.  Cannot be combined with an existing Faster Suite license.


Provide information on how to reach Faster Law for unlimited support

Ready to get started?

Use the buttons below to download Faster Suite and schedule your training session to get your first three months of Faster Suite FREE !

(Your discount will be offered during this FREE training session)

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