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Partners & Consultants

Our success is your success too!

We are dedicated to supporting the success and collaboration of our partner network.

As a Faster Law partner, you will have access to the following benefits.

Free Training

Become an expert in Faster Suite.  Get onboarded and learn where your clients will gain the most value.

Free Support

We're here for you every step of the way.  Whether you or your client need support, our team is here to help.

Free Access

Get a free copy of Faster Suite for training and demos licensed to your Clio partner account.

Uncapped Earnings

Empower your potential as you rise through commission tiers that accelerate your growth.

The Faster Law partner programs are specifically tailored toward law firm consultants,

business & IT consultants, accountants, legal community influencers, and legal technology companies.

Affiliate Partner

As an affiliate partner, you will earn a one-time commission on successful Faster Law subscriptions as well as a small "Thank You" for every firm you pass our way that completes a demo with us.  There are no minimum requirements to maintain this partnership level.

Compensation Includes:

25$ / First Demo Completed

50$ / Opportunity Closed (Initial Purchase)

10% / Enterprise Services (First Invoice)

Certified Partner

Build stronger relationships with your clients by providing a tailored sales, onboarding, and support experience with Faster Law.  Successfully refer three new account subscriptions to Faster Law, and you’ll be eligible to become a Certified partner with higher compensation rates.

Compensation Includes:

25$ / First Demo Completed

10% / Opportunity Closed (Initial Purchase)

10% / Enterprise Services (First Invoice)

Gold Partner

As a Gold Partner, we want to recognize and reward you for your ongoing commitment to Clio and Faster Law.  After you refer $2,000 of new subscription revenue, you will be eligible to earn ongoing residual commissions and receive special perks (such as sponsorship for trade shows!) and more.

Compensation Includes:

25$ / First Demo Completed

10% / Opportunity Closed (Residual)

10% / Enterprise Services

richard marx.png

Clio integrates with a plethora of software programs. Faster Suite stands out for the sheer number of features enhancing documents, email, billing and more. It is the first place to start to get more out of Clio.

Richard B. Marx

Clio Gold Certified Consultant

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