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Want to work for Faster Law?

Faster Law is a small group of dedicated professionals with a passion for progress.


Our software is designed to streamline legal workflows through the use of automation and is currently used by thousands of legal professionals in over 30 countries.

Current Openings

Front-Line Support

Front-line support provides the first line of contact helping our clients worldwide.  Prospective candidates should have great interpersonal skills and an intermediate understanding of Windows based PCs.  This is a full time position.

Job Description and Responsibilities
As front-line support, you’ll be responsible for being an expert in our software and teaching our customers how to use it.

This will involve:

  • Answering phone calls from customers and prospects who have questions about our software.
  • Recording videos showing how to use our software.

  • Writing knowledgebase articles explaining how to use our software.

  • Screen-sharing with customers and showing them how to use our software.

  • Learning our software and providing feedback on new features to our developers.


Our idea of a perfect candidate is someone who:

  • Loves answering questions and helping people out

  • Has above-average computer skills

  • Has a great phone voice that sounds professional

  • Has strong oral and written communication skills

It is a bonus if you:

  • Have experience working in a legal/professional industry (paralegal, bank teller, law clerk, etc.)

  • Have experience working with practice management software (Clio, Practice Panther, etc)


This is a full-time, 1099 "Contractor" position with flexible hours.  This means:

  • We expect you to work 30-40 hours/week

  • If you want time off or need to adjust your schedule, that's fine as long as we know in advance.

  • You will technically work for yourself and not us (you won't be an employee)

  • You will need to provide any benefits you want (health insurance, dental etc)

  • The compensation is really good


Base Pay: $20-$25/hr but if you're absolutely awesome we can go higher.

Ready to apply?

EMail Us the following information:

  • A copy of your resume’

  • One paragraph explaining why you want to work for us and why you’re a good candidate.

  • A voice recording of you reading the first two paragraphs of the Gettysburg Address

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