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Bar Association Partnerships

Recommended by multiple bar associations and legal societies


State/County Bar & Legal Associations

Faster Law works with state and regional bar associations to provide new member benefits that

provide value to their members. At the same time, we actively support the associations

themselves by providing valuable content, support at trade-show & events, and additional revenue

opportunities. Faster Law  Bar Association partnerships include:

Speaker Sponsorships

We can provide speakers and speaker sponsorships for trade shows, events, and more.

Member Discounts

Receive a special coupon code that all of your members can use to receive Faster Suite discounts.

Event Sponsorships

We're happy to sponsor lunch-and-learns, member socials, CLE events, and more.

Royalty Sharing

When members of your association choose us, you can share in a portion of their sales.

Working Together

Faster Law is dedicated to simplifying and accelerating the practice of law.  We build the #1

suite of apps for Clio and are trusted by thousands of firms in over 34 countries.  Most firms see an immediate

20-30% increase in time capture as soon as they start using our software - and some firms see even more.


We are dedicated to helping bar associations provide modern and cutting-edge solutions for their members.

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