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Why Faster Suite?

Faster Law is a legal suite of tools that works to optimize Clio and increase performance, productivity, and profit. Firms that use Faster Suite typically see  20-30% more billable time every day. Faster Suite includes email management, passive time tracking, document management, PACER Saver, mass document automation, print tracking, scan-to-Clio, split billing, conflict check, meeting transcriber, request tracker, invoice reminders, Clio document backup, advanced data export and more!

Faster Suite
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Through the Faster Law Affinity partnership with Georgia lawyers, you are eligible to receive a 10% lifetime discount on Faster Law's products & services including Faster Suite.  To qualify, you must use code GALAW at checkout.

Simply Complex and Secure

Faster Law combines its powerful suite of products with Clio’s cloud-based practice management to deliver world-class practice management and security for modern law firms. 

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