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4,000,000+ Documents
Time Matters > Clio

200,000+ Documents
File Server > Clio

300,000+ Documents
ProLaw > Clio

650,000+ Documents
PerfectLaw > Clio

40,000+ Documents
MyCase > Clio

400,000+ Documents
Worldox > Clio

150,000+ Documents
Document Locator > Clio

60,000+ Documents
LEAP > Clio

200,000+ Documents
Center Base > Clio

10,000,000+ Documents
Prevail > Clio

80,000+ Documents
iManage > Clio

350,000+ Documents
Amicus > Clio

"I was really impressed with how easily Faster Law completed our migration - especially after other consultants told us it would be impossible."

Christoper O'Brien

Bitman O'Brien & Morat

Meet Tony Valenti - The Doc Mover

Prior to joining Faster Law, Mr. Valenti was Chief Technology Officer of an international cloud services provider with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Australia.  Mr. Valenti directly oversaw all aspects of technology but especially enjoyed helping globally recognized brands securely migrate to the cloud.

At Faster Law, Mr. Valenti specializes in helping modern law firms effectively leverage cloud technologies.  He has helped hundreds of law firms migrate their data and documents from legacy systems into Clio.

Learn about how Tony does Migrations:

Our Pricing is Simple

Option 1:  Do it Yourself

1 Faster Suite License

2 Matter Match Migrator Training Sessions




Option 2:  We do it for You

(More than 30 users? You get special pricing!)







~$450/user ($1800 minimum)

Lowest Price



Nobody will do it 

cheaper than we will.

We Guarantee.

We'll do a screen share to scope out your migration and provide an official quote.

Faster Suite is the #1 suite of apps for Clio and is recommended by bar associations world wide.

"Faster Suite is unbelievable!"

Quinn Ross

President of the Ontario Bar Association

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